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Ablinger, Peter#

Ablinger, Peter, b. Schwanenstadt (Upper Austria), March 15, 1959, composer. Studied piano and composition in Graz and Vienna; moved to Berlin in 1982; taught at the Berlin-Kreuzberg School of Music until 1990; since then freelance composer. Founded the ensemble Zwischentoene in 1988; 1990-1992 artistic director of the Klangwerkstatt festival in Berlin; from 1993 visiting professor at a number of universities (e.g. in Graz, Hamburg, Darmstadt and Prague). Composed works for chamber ensembles until 1994, when he began composing electroacoustic music as well; has been working on a series of compositions entitled "Weiss/Weisslich" since 1980.

Other works: Traktat, 1985 (flute); Drei Minuten fuer Berenice I, 1988 (soprano, dancers); Verkuendigung, 1991 (flute, saxophone, piano); Der Regen, das Glas, das Lachen, 1994 (winds, keyboard, percussion); Instrumente und ElektroAkustisch Ortsbezogene Verdichtung, 1995 ff. (variable instrumentation); Stuehle, Bambus, Sonnenaufgang, Sonnenuntergang, 1997 (chairs, bamboo plants).