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Adalbert der Siegreiche#

Adalbert (the Victorious), d Melk (Lower Austria), May 26, 1055; Babenberg margrave. Son of Leopold I, Count of Schweinachgau and Kuenzinggau west and south-west of Passau; after the death of his brother Heinrich I he was Margrave of Austria (1018-1055). Extended the March of Austria to the River March i.e. to include the Weinviertel area. Around this time, a "Hungarian" march in the east and a "Bohemian" march in the Pulkautal valley were formed. In old age he suffered from arthrosis (bones preserved in Melk). Married to Glismod, sister of Bishop Meinwerk of Paderborn, later to Froiza, daughter of Doge Otto Orseolo of Venice and sister of King Peter of Hungary.


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