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Aggstein, Lower Austria, in Schoenbuehel-Aggsbach municipality in the district of Melk, castle ruins on steep cliff on right bank of Danube in the Wachau Valley. Built sometime after 1100 by Manegold von Aggstein, in possession of the Kuenringer line from 1181, destroyed several times (1231, 1296), expanded 1429-1436 by Joerg Scheck von Wald to a long complex; chancellery buildings added to central castle after 1606, from 1685 in possession of the Starhembergs (now Seilern), then fell to ruin. Remains of the 3-storeyed Frauenturm tower and the keep have survived; Gothic chapel (15th century). According to legend, the "Rosengaertlein" (little rose garden), a ledge 4 m wide and 10 m long, was used by Joerg Scheck as a place to release prisoners in the 15th century (ballad by Scheffel, print from the 16th century).

Further reading#

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