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Albert Kasimir, Herzog von Sachsen-Teschen#

b. Moritzburg near Dresden (Germany), July 11, 1738, d. Vienna, Feb. 10, 1822, son of Prince Friedrich August II of Saxony (August III, King of Poland), married Marie Christine, daughter of Empress Maria Theresia. 1765-1780 Governor of Hungary, 1780-1792 Governor-General of the Netherlands. His Viennese residence (from 1795) houses his legacy, a fine collection of graphic art, the "Albertina". 1805 had a water-main laid in Vienna. Had a monument built by A. Canova at his wife´s grave in the Augustinian Church.


W. Koschatzky, Hzg. A. v. Sachsen-Teschen, in: Veroeffentlichung der Albertina 18, 1982.