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Alcalay, Luna#

Alcalay, Luna, b. Zagreb (Croatia), Oct. 21, 1928, composer. Has lived in Vienna since 1950. 1951-1957 studied at the Hochschule fuer Musik (now University of Music and Performing Arts) in Vienna. From 1959 worked as a teacher with the Vienna Boys Choir; until 1994 taught piano at the Hochschule fuer Musik. Early contacts to the international avant-garde; developed her own system of composition, which is characterised by a non-conformist approach to music and tradition.


antigonenmodell, 1958 (opera based on B. Brecht´s "Antigone-Modell"); aspekte (2 pianos, percussion), 1962; night-club pieces, 1966 (jazz quintet); Allgemeine Erklaerung der Menschenrechte, 1968 (cantata); platitudes en occasion, 1973 (vocalists, string quintet, percussion); homo sapiens, 1977 (radiophonic piece); ich bin in sehnsucht eingehuellt, 1984 (scenic reflections); der uebergangene mensch, 1996 (scenic work); touches for piano and orchestra, 1996.