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Alkoven, Upper Austria, municipality in the district of Eferding, alt. 268 m, pop. 4,776, area 42.60 km2, between Linz and Eferding at the confluence of the Innbach river and the Danube. - Production of work clothing, plastic profiling and polyester synthetics, metal processing, zinc coating. - First documented in 777 as "Allinchofa", late Gothic staggered church (around 1500, renovated in 19th century), pilgrimage destination in the 17th century (Annaberg), Hartheim Renaissance palace (completed 1610, "euthanasia and annihilation institute" 1940-1944, now Institute for the Disabled of the Oberoesterreichischer Landeswohltaetigkeitsverein/Upper Austrian Provincial Charity Association); memorial to the Peasants' Wars in Emlingerholz (in 1626 3,000 farmers were killed in battle there).