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Allgemeine Mittelschule#

Allgemeine Mittelschule (general secondary school), main goal laid down by O. Gloeckel in his "Leitsaetze fuer den allgemeinen Aufbau der Schule" ("Guidelines for the General Structure of Schools", 1920); between 1922 and 1927, the organisation and curriculum of this school type were tested in Vienna. Depending on their level of talent, pupils were divided into streams (I or II, distinguished by levels of difficulty) from the 5th to 8th form up; in stream I, even more subdivisions were provided for in the 7th and 8th forms, according to pupils' specific areas of talent. The structure of the Allgemeine Mittelschule was imitated to a great extent in the creation of the Hauptschule in 1927. Comprehensive School, Gesamtschule.