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Allgemeine Schulordnung#

Allgemeine Schulordnung (general school policy) for "die deutschen Normal-, Haupt- und Trivialschulen in saemmtlichen Kayserl. Koenigl. Erblaendern"(roughly: "German Primary and Secondary Schools in All Imperial Hereditary Lands", 1774), school law mainly written by J. I. Felbiger. Austrian primary schooling was given uniform organisation and order under Maria Theresia. The introduction of Compulsory Education from age 5 to 11 created favorable circumstances for a rapid and effective anti-illiteracy campaign, even among those classes which were least inclined to education. The church was assigned a merely subsidiary role.

Further reading#

H. Engelbrecht, J. I. Felbiger und die Vereinheitlichung des Primarschulwesens in Oesterreich, 1979.