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Allgemeiner Sportverband Österreichs, ASVÖ#

Allgemeiner Sportverband Oesterreichs, ASVOe (Austrian General Sports Association), arose in 1949 out of the tradition of the Hauptverband fuer Koerpersport (dissolved 1949); umbrella association of sports clubs which emphasises its political impartiality; covers almost all types of physical sports and exercise, 991,560 members (1993) in 5,351 clubs; leisure and competitive sports for all age groups; third umbrella association for sports in Austria along with Arbeitsgemeinschaft fuer Sport und Koerperkultur in Oesterreich ( ASKOe) and Turn- und Sportunion Oesterreichs.


Das AS, 1991ff. (1974-90: ASVOe-Sportmagazin);

Further reading#

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