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Transalpine Roads, name for the roadways from the Inntal Valley to Brenner, Tauern and Ennstal and from the Innkreis area to Pyhrn as well as the railways from Inntal Valley to Brenner, Tauern, Ennstal, Donau, Pyhrn, from Lundenburg to Tarvisio and from Hegyeshalom to Buchs. Because close economic integration and long-distance leisure traffic have led to a significant increase in the volume of traffic on the transalpine roads, the EU and Austria have agreed to promote environmentally friendly transport concepts in the Transit Agreement. In the future, additional traffic volume is to be handled only by the railways and Transportation of Cargo, Combined. One of the focal points is the construction of the Brenner railway route, which is intended to increase the use of this route from 34% to 50% in comparison to road traffic by measures such as the construction of the railway bypass around Innsbruck (Austria's longest railway tunnel, approx. 13 km) and the Brenner valley tunnel.