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Althann, Gundacker Ludwig Graf#

b. Zwentendorf (Lower Austria), May 15, 1665, d. Vienna, Dec. 28, 1747, general, diplomat, court architect. Was officer in the War of Spanish Succession and in Austria's war with the Turks 1716/17. 1716 Director of Imperial Buildings with responsibility for all architectural undertakings within the Habsburg realm. Organized the reconstruction of the Raab Fortress (Gyoer), the construction of the invalid asylum in Budapest, and the court library and Karlskirche church in Vienna; enlarged the Monastery of Klosterneuburg and renovated Laxenburg Palace. He accommodated the imperial collection of paintings in the Stallburg and housed J. van Schuppen's painters' academy in his own home. See also: Althan(n) Family.


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