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Amateur Filmmaking, common form of non-professional filmmaking since the beginnings of Film. The first amateur fimmaking club in Austria was founded in 1927 as the "Klub der Kinoamateure Oesterreichs" (KdKOe - Austrian Cinema Amateurs' Club). During the National Socialist period, amateur filmmakers were united in the "Bund Deutscher Film-Amateure" (BDFA - Federation of German Film Amateurs). After 1945, numerous other clubs arose in addition to the KdKOe and some were united in the 1960s in the "Dachverband oesterreichischer Amateurfilm-Vereine (Federation of Austrian Amateur Fimmaking Clubs, since 1964 "Verband oesterreichischer Film- und Videoamateure" - Federation of Austrian Film and Video Amateurs (VOeFA)). At first, a distinction was made between narrow and small-frame formats as well as the subjects of the films; newer developments have also placed video (VTR) and computers in the field of amateur fimmaking.

Further reading#

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