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Ambraser Heldenbuch#

Ambraser Heldenbuch (Ambras Book of Heroes), famous manuscript anthology written by H. Ried 1504-1516, commissioned by Maximilian I; originally housed in Ambras Palace, in Vienna since 1806; brings together 25 Middle High German Works of various genres, courtly romances such as Hartmann von Aue's "Erec" and "Iwein", didactic narrations in verse such as "Meier" and "Helmbrecht" by Wernher der Gaertner and Epics (the source of which was a lost "Heldenbuch an der Etsch" (Book of Heroes from Etsch Region). 15 of the 25 works have only survived in this manuscript, including the chivalric romance "Moriz von Craun", Hartmann's "Klage" and "Buechlein" (almost complete version of "Erec" only in this manuscript), the epic "Kudrun" and Ulrich von Liechtenstein's "Frauenbuch".

Facsimile edition: F. Unterkircher (ed.), 1973.