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Ambrozy, Peter#

b. Villach (Carinthia), Aug. 20, 1946, politician (SPOe); after studying law, embarked on a political career: Secretary to L. Wagner, the Provincial Governor of Carinthia, 1973-80, director of the Carinthian Landtagsamt (Office of the Provincial Diet) 1980-83, Carinthian SPOe party secretary 1983-88, 1983-84 member of the Bundesrat (Federal Council), 1984-88 and again from 1994 member of the Carinthian Landtag (Provincial Diet), 1988-89 Landeshauptmann (Provincial Governor) and 1989-94 Deputy Provincial Governor of Carinthia; as of 2000 chairman of the Social Democratic Party of Carinthia.