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Amtskalender, Österreichischer#

Amtskalender, Oesterreichischer (Austrian official handbook), comprehensive official reference work on all public offices, authorities and institutions, published annually by the Verlag Oesterreich publishing house of the Austrian Staatsdruckerei, compiled from official sources. The Amtskalender contains all of the service departments of Austrian federal ministries, the offices of the provincial governments, directories of local authorities, schools, special interest groups' representative bodies, banks, savings banks and credit institutes, co-operatives, insurance institutions and public bodies. It also has a historical section. The Amtskalender (1997/98: No. 65) is a continuation of the Lower Austrian Amtskalender (1997/98: No. 121) and the "Hof- und Staatshandbuch" (Court and State Handbook, 1997/98: No. 109). The Krakauer Kalender served as a model for the Amtskalender. The 1997/98 edition was the first to be available on CD-ROM.