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Andechs-Meranien, Hochadelsgeschlecht#

Andechs-Meranien, aristocratic dynasty: The counts of A. from Bavaria ruled over a territory in the middle of the Inn valley (Northern Tyrol) during the 11th century. Their family seat was Ambras castle. Derived their rights as counts from fiefs in Brixen/Bressanone (South Tyrol). They founded Innsbruck (1180 market status, town status around 1200). Around 1170, members of the family became Landvogts of Brixen/Bressanone, Counts of the Eisack and Puster valleys and 1173 were enfeoffed with Carniola and Istria. Because of their positions at Rijeka, they were given the title of Duke of Merania in 1180. Duke Heinrich, however, was allegedly involved in the murder of the German King Philipp of Swabia and was therefore outlawed in 1209. He lost Bressanone, his rights as a count in the Inn, Eisack, and Puster valleys and also his imperial fiefs. Around 1230, these were given back to his brother Otto II, who died as the last of the family line in 1248. His property in Tyrol fell to the Tyrolean Counts. See also: Agnes von Andechs-Meranien.


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