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Anders, Günther eigentlich G. Stern#

b. Wroclav, Poland (then Breslau), July 12, 1902, d. Vienna, Dec. 17, 1992, philosopher, writer; husband of Elisabeth Freundlich. Studied under M. Heidegger and E. Husserl and completed his Ph. D. in Fribourg in 1923. In 1933 emigrated to Paris, 1936 to the USA; returned to Vienna in 1950. Gained public acclaim with "Die Antiquiertheit des Menschen" ("The Obsolescence of Man") (2 vols., 1956/1980), a collection of literary-philosophical essays in which he propounded the theory that man cannot cope with his own technological progress. Co-founder and leading member of the international anti-nuclear movement.


Die molusskische Katakombe, 1935 (novel); Visit Beautiful Vietnam, ABC der Aggression heute, 1968; Hiroshima ist ueberall, 1982; Ketzereien, 1991.


J. Langenbach, G. A., 1988.