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Ansfelden, Upper Austria, town in the district of Linz-Land, alt. 275 m, pop. 14,636, area 31.41 km2, on the River Traun south of Linz. - Agricultural vocational school; strong economic ties to Linz (4,822 employed in 1992, of whom 2,381 were in processing trades and industry: Nettingsdorf paper factory, timber processing, light metal construction, prefabricated house construction and sales, jewellery production, steelworking, window manufacturing machine recycling), commerce. - First documented 777, birth house of A. Bruckner (now a memorial), Bruckner Center (1996); Gothic-Baroque church (first documented 1113), parish house by C. A. Carlone (1690-1707); remnants of Ziehberg Castle.

Further reading#

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