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Appenzeller Krieg#

Appenzell War, Appenzell peasants' war from 1404-1408 against the Abbot of St. Gallen. Because of the alliance between Duke Friedrich IV of Tyrol and the Abbot, the war spread to Vorarlberg and Tyrol. On June 14, 1405 the Duke was defeated at the River Stoos near Altstaetten, after which Feldkirch, Bludenz, Rankweil and Goetzis as well as the Bregenzerwald region in 1406 joined the "Bund ob dem See" ("Alliance above the Lake"). The castles of Jagdberg, Tosters, Ramschwag, Buers and Alt-Montfort were destroyed, and the Appenzell forces advanced as far as Landeck. They besieged Bregenz but were unable to take the city, after which they were defeated on January 13, 1408 by the troops of the Swabian Alliance. In 1408 a peace treaty was concluded in Constance: The "Bund ob dem See" was forced to dissolve, but its members were granted their old privileges and freedoms. Vorarlberg was returned to Habsburg rule.

Further reading#

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