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Arlberg Road Tunnel, at 13,972 m the longest tunnel in Austria, part of the toll road operated by Alpen Strassen AG, in the ASFINAG Group, between Langen (Vorarlberg) and St. Anton (Tyrol) on the Arlberg-Schnellstrasse road (S 16). The tunnel was built between July 1974 and December 1978 at a cost of ATS 4 bn. It is designed to accommodate 1800 vehicles per hour and equipped with 4 main ventilation units (one of the shafts is the deepest in Europe at 736 m), 12 ventilators, a continuous adjustable lighting strip, 43 video cameras for monitoring traffic, emergency telephones at 212 m intervals and 16 storage niches. In 1998 2.06 million vehicles travelled on the tunnel toll road, 18.4% of which was commercial transport.