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Arnoldstein, Carinthia, market town (status conferred in 1922) in the district of Villach-Land, alt. 578 m, pop. 6,691, area 67.29 km2, border town with focus on trades in the lower Gail Valley on the Villach- Tarvisio railway line (built 1873); the border station Thoerl-Maglern is a part of Arnoldstein - Border crossing (customs office), Schuett-Neuhaus run-of-river power plant (built 1961; 64,000 Mwh), Dreilaendereck mountain cableway (Seltschacher Alpe, alt. 1,469 m); traffic and transport trade (forwarding agents, lorry freight lines to Italy), industrial park (businesses are successors to the Bleiberger Bergwerksunion mining company) and timber industry (sawmills), textile factory, also tourism (51,866 overnight stays, Dreilaendereck region). - Gothic parish church (15th century); crucifix chapel (1529) built over a brook; ruins of a Benedictine monastery (founded 1107, closed 1782, fire in 1883). Schuett Nature Reserve is located to the north of Arnoldstein.

Further reading#

H. Wurzer, Die Marktgemeinde Arnoldstein als Teil der "Dreilaender-Grenzregion", master's thesis, Klagenfurt 1990.