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Ars Electronica#

Ars Electronica, festival of electronic music, computer-generated music and multimedia animation, part of the Bruckner Festival in Linz, organised by the Linzer Veranstaltungsgesellschaft from 1979, since 1996 by the Ars Electronica Center and Austrian broadcasting corporation (ORF) of Upper Austria; presents the Linz Klangwolke and the Prix Ars Electronica (most highly endowed award for computer arts); the Ars Electronica Center has been a "Museum of the Future" since 1996.

Publications: Ars Electronica, 1979ff.

Further reading#

G. Hattinger and C. Schoepf, Ars Electronica, 1984; H. Leopoldseder, Linzer Klangwolke, 1988.