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Artaria, former Viennese art and music publisher, cartographic section merged with Freytag und Berndt Freytag-Berndt und Artaria KG in 1920, remaining company closed in 1931. Founded in 1765 in Mainz, the company moved to Vienna in 1766 (from 1771 as Artaria & Comp.). Under Domenico Artaria, the company became one of the most important music dealers in Vienna by publishing music of the Vienna Classic period (especially J. Haydn and L. van Beethoven). Since 1789 the company has been located on Kohlmarkt in the 1st district of Vienna. From the middle of the 19th century the company moved more and more towards becoming a publisher of maps. Artaria resumed its activity as a music publisher towards the end of the century because of a friendship with Guido Adler; in 1894-1918 Artaria published the "Denkmaeler der Tonkunst in Oesterreich". The publishing house's famous collection of original manuscripts dating back to its earliest years was sold and moved to Bonn in 1897.

Further reading#

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