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Aspang-Markt, Lower Austria, market town in the district of Neunkirchen, alt. 498 m, pop. 2,041, area 5.19 km2, in the Bucklige Welt region at the confluence of the feeder streams of the River Pitten. - District court, District Chamber of Agricultural and Allied Workers, automobile museum and educational museum of popular work culture, nurse's dormitory; dominated by service sector (esp. commerce), as well as timber processing (furniture), industrial electronics. - First documented 1220, but far older; late Gothic parish church of St. Florian (around 1503) in Ober-Aspang, parish church of St. John the Baptist (9th century?) in Unter-Aspang; charnel-house (13th century); late Gothic church in Aspang-Berg (early 16th century); palace (12th century, remodelled in 16th and 19th centuries); townhouses (18th century). -The Hochwechsel ski area is to the northwest of Aspang-Markt.