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Attersee, Christian Ludwig eigentlich C. Ludwig#

b. Bratislava, Slovakia (then Pressburg), Aug. 28, 1940, painter, also musician, writer and successful yachtsman (won the Austrian championship three times). Studied at the Hochschule fuer angewandte Kunst (now University of Applied Arts) in Vienna with E. Baeumer, since 1966 closely associated with Viennese Actionism. A. added a new aspect to the happenings of the time ("object creations") by including music, language, photography, film, etc. to create a new form of the total work of art (Gesamtkunstwerk). Later on A. devoted himself increasingly to drawing and panel painting, with an emphasis on the themes of sexuality and nature. His primarily acrylic paintings are marked by a symbolic-figurative style, brilliant colours and dynamic brushstrokes that convert the picture frame into an extension of the painting. Language artistry is often afforded by integrating textual elements into his drawings. In his exhibitions he stages musical and literary performances, sometimes together with friends from artistic circles. In 1984 A. represented Austria at the Biennale in Venice, since 1992 professor at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. A. is an Austrian artist of international renown. Awarded the Grand Austrian State Prize in 1998.


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