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Ausserfern, also called Aussfern, Tyrol, region of the lower Lechtal Valley and headwaters of the River Loisach (valley basin of Ehrwald, seen from the Inntal valley as "ausserhalb des Fernpasses" = outside of the Fernpass), largely coincides with the political district of Reutte. From the rest of Tyrol, Ausserfern is only accessible via the Fernpass or from Germany (Mittenwaldbahn railway). This alpine landscape, with its many lakes (Plansee, Heiterwangersee, Fernsteinsee, Blindsee, Weissensee, Haldensee and Vilsalpsee), is a biseasonal tourist region. Like the entire Lechtal valley, it was settled by the Alemannic people; the region became part of the County of Tyrol at the end of the 13th century, but the economic and cultural ties to the Alpine foothills always remained very strong.

Further reading#

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