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Aufbaugymnasium und Aufbaurealgymnasium#

Aufbaugymnasium and Aufbaurealgymnasium, (secondary schools) set up experimentally in 1927 as a 5-year "Aufbauschule" (university preparatory school) for pupils who have attended only elementary and Hauptschule schools and wish to be eligible to attend university; integrated into the school system as a "special form" as early as 1934 and established as a special form of the Austrian "AHS" (allgemeinbildende hoehere Schule = general education higher school, i.e. selective type of secondary school ) in 1962 in spite of its low attendance. Prerequisites for acceptance at these (since the 1960s) 4-year courses of education are similar to those of the Oberstufenrealgymnasium.

Locations: Horn, Unter-Waltersdorf, Hollabrunn, Lambach, Stams monastery ("Meinhardinum"), Jennersdorf.