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Kroemer, Guido#

Bild 'Kroemer Guido'

Present positions:
Since 2010 Founding Director, European Research Institute for Integrated Cellular Pathology, Paris, France, Since 2009 Vicepresident & President elect, European Cell Death Organization, Ghent, Belgium Since 2007 “Directeur de Recherche de classe exceptionnelle”, INSERM, (French Medical Research Council, Paris, France Since 2007 Director, INSERM Unit 848, Villejuif, France Since 2003 "Interface" contract holder, INSERM/Institut Gustave Roussy, Paris, France Since 2000 Consultant, Institut Gustave Roussy, Villejuif, France

Fields of Scholarship:
anticancer chemotherapy, apoptosis, autophagy, cell death, necrosis, mitotic catastrophe

For detailed information and contact:
See his area of Member of the Academia Europaea