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Ava, Frau#

Ava, Frau, d. Feb. 7, 1127 (her name appears in the necrologies of the monasteries of Melk, Goettweig, St. Lambrecht, etc.), lived as a hermit ("inclusa") near the monastery of Melk; first woman known by name to write German poetry, 4 simple poems on biblical themes (mainly from the New Testament): "Johannes", "Leben Jesu" which ends with "Die 7 Gaben des Hl. Geistes", "Antichrist" and "Das Juengste Gericht"; all but the first are preserved in the Vorau Manuscript. She is said to have died at Kleinwien near Goettweig (Lower Austria) ("Ava-Tower", remains of a medieval convent).

Edition: F. Maurer (ed.), Die Dichtungen der F. A., 1966.


Deutsche Literatur des Mittelalters (lex.); F. Maurer, Die religioesen Dichtungen des 11. und 12. Jahrhunderts, 1964-1970.