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Bárány, Robert#

b. Vienna, April 22, 1876, d. Uppsala (Sweden), April 8, 1936, physiologist, otologist, Nobel Prize Laureate. 1909 lecturer in otological medicine in Vienna. Won the Nobel Prize in Physiology in 1914 for his work on the vestibular (balancing) system in the inner ear which paved the way for labyrinth surgery; his discovery led to the virtual elimination of meningitis-related deaths induced by suppuration of the inner ear. 1917 university professor in Uppsala; 1936 the Uppsala University founded a B. Prize.


Physiologie und Pathologie des Bogengangapparates beim Menschen, 1907; Die Seekrankheit, 1911; Die Radikaloperation des Ohres ohne Gehoergangplastik bei chronischer Mittelohreiterung, 1923.