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Baths: The old tradition of taking the waters experienced a great revival in the 19th and 20th centuries, the age of hygiene, modern-day care of the body and mass sports. Apart from the already existing Spas and a large number of bathing areas on lakes, many baths were constructed in large towns, and the municipal authorities of summer resorts erected outdoor pools. The Viennese authorities, for instance, started building public baths in every district during the 1860s (low-budget bathing institutions called "droplet baths" by the Viennese). Then followed large bathing centres with indoor pools, steam baths and hydropathic departments, etc., as well as outdoor bathing sites on the Danube riverside ( Gaensehaeufel) and man-made pools in the outskirts of Vienna bordering the Vienna Woods. During the Republic paddling pools for children were erected in many Viennese parks. Some large summer baths have developed into veritable villages (with seasonal cabins, weekend cabins, restaurants, shops, fairgrounds, etc.). Since the 1960s both in- and outdoor baths have been modernised and made more attractive by adding saunas, wave-baths, waterslides etc. There are also many places along the Danube (e.g. in Lobau) and Neue Donau (New Danube) where bathing is possible.