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Böhm, Karlheinz#

b. Darmstadt (Germany), March 16, 1928 (film) actor, son of the conductor Karl Boehm, 1949-1953 actor at the Theater in der Josefstadt; 1948 film debut, from 1954 role of the young Emperor Franz Joseph in a series of "Sissi" films directed by E. Marischka; parts in more than 80 films and TV productions (incl. "Peeping Tom" 1959, and in some of R.W. Fassbinder´s films); directed an opera for the first time in 1964; 1975-1979 member of the Duesseldorfer Schauspielhaus theatre company; 1981 founded the charity organization "Menschen fuer Menschen" (People for People) to fight starvation in Ethiopia, for which he has almost completely given up his acting career.