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BEWAG, Burgenländische Elektrizitätswirtschafts-AG#

BEWAG (Burgenlaendische Elektrizitaetswirtschafts-AG), founded in 1958, took over the electricity supply for the province of Burgenland from NEWAG (now EVN AG) and STEWEAG in 1959. In 1990, 49% of the company was privatised in the framework of the publicly quoted Burgenland Holding AG, but the province of Burgenland continued to be the main shareholder, holding 51%. BEWAG has no power stations of its own, but gets all its electricity from the Verbundkonzern, the Austrian Electricity Association. BEWAG supplied 128,000 customers with electricity and operated a network of about 8,365 km in 1999. In addition, it holds shares in several other companies, in particular in the electronics and telecommunications sectors. Focus on research, development and promotion of alternative energy, photovoltaics generators, solar energy and biomass.