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Bach, Alexander Freiherr von#

b. Loosdorf (municipality of Fallbach, Lower Austria), Jan. 4, 1813, d. Unterwaltersdorf (municipality of Ebreichsdorf, Lower Austria), Nov. 12, 1893, politician; brother of Otto Bach. 1848 Minister of Justice, 1849-1859 Minister of Internal Affairs. Initially liberal, he later supported clerical absolutism, a trend which reached its peak in the Concordat in 1855. Main champion of Neo-absolutism. Reshaped Austria's political system along conservative lines and was from 1852 de facto head of government ("Ministerium Bach"). Following defeat in 1859, B. had to resign; 1849-1859 trustee of the Academy of Sciences; 1859-1867 Austrian ambassador to the Vatican. 1852 founded the "Austrian Bibliography".


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