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Bad Häring#

Bad Haering, Tirol, municipality in the district of Kufstein, alt. 590 m, pop. 2,197, area 9.28 km2, bi-seasonal tourism (especially summer tourism, 124,657 overnight stays) situated on the right slope of the Unterinn valley; "Bad" (spa) since 1964; job-preparation centre (training centre for young people), therapy centre (since 1558 the sulphur spring has been heated by the gases of a mine fire in the disused lignite mine), rehabilitation centre of the Allgemeine Unfallversicherungsanstalt (General Accident Insurance Agency), Provincial woodland garden, metal foundry, weaving, machine building, exploitation of lime marl for cement production. In the town centre, late Gothic parish church (first documentary mention 1397) that was altered in the Baroque style in 1732, St. Anthony chapel (1708).