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Bad Sankt Leonhard im Lavanttal#

Bad Sankt Leonhard im Lavanttal, Carinthia, town in the district of Wolfsberg, chartered 1325, alt. 714 m, pop. 5,002, area 111.74 km2, Alpine climatic health resort and spa town in the Upper Lavant Valley at the foot of the Packalpe Mountain, north of Wolfsberg. Therapy centre with medicinal bath (radioactive sulphur spring, treatment of rheumatic diseases and sciatica), Preblau carbon dioxide fountain (medicinal water for treatment of bladder and renal disease, Prebl) 7 km south of Bad Sankt Leonhard, commercial school; wood processing, production of abrasives and containers, coupler technology, tourism (32,085 overnight stays). Flourished from 14th to 16th centuries due to mining of precious metals. Iron ore mining discontinued in 1876. Gothic parish church (1320-1380) with iron St. Leonhard chain (1910-12), more than 130 stained glass panels (1340-1350), winged altar-piece (1513), Lenten veil (around 1520), wooden Madonna (around 1330), fresco from the 16th century, high altar (around 1640) and Rococo pulpit (1779), early Gothic ossuary (around 1400); remains of the town wall (14th century); Virgin Mary column (1732), ruin of the fortress Gomarn (around 1300, with keep and hall); Ehrenfels Renaissance palace (14th century, altered 16th century, renovated 1945 after bomb damage). Houses from the 16th and 17th centuries form a harmonious ensemble on the main square.


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