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Bad Sauerbrunn#

Bad Sauerbrunn, Burgenland, municipality in the district of Mattersburg, alt. 280 m, pop. 1,715, area 2.35 km2, spa town (42,290 overnight stays) at the north end of the Rosaliengebirge Mountains near the border to Lower Austria, medicinal spring in use since 1967, containing magnesium, iron and carbon dioxide, treatment of rheumatic diseases), therapy centre, Waldheim therapy home run by the Volkshilfe charity, health tourism, hosiery manufacturer, transport industry. The St. Paul spring was already used by the Romans. Spa activities resumed in 1847. Provisional seat of the provincial government and administration of the province of Burgenland from 1921-1925, before they moved to the provincial capital of Eisenstadt. Modern parish church (1967-1970), villas from the Age of Promotorism.