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Bad Schallerbach#

Bad Schallerbach, Upper Austria, market town in the district of Grieskirchen, alt. 306 m, pop. 3,110, area 8.51 km2, spa town in the Trattnachtal Valley lying between the towns of Wels and Grieskirchen, therapy home, thermal indoor pool (hot sulphur spring, 37° C, treatment of rheumatism, source discovered incidentally in 1918 when drilling for petroleum, therapy facilities have existed since 1921), spa park, therapy homes, "Eurotherme" thermal spring, rehabilitation centres, sports facilities in the park; tourism (367,384 overnight stays), upholstered furniture factory, parish church (built 1958 on the 100th anniversary of the apparitions of Lourdes); former parish church in Schoenau (part of Bad Schallerbach., first documentary mention 1142), church on the Magdalenaberg Mountain (late Gothic chancel, Baroque interior).


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