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Baroque Historiography: Historical research and writing experienced a peak in the 17th and 18th centuries and had as main sources firstly, courtiers, who produced contemporary emperors´ biographies (G. G. Priorato on Ferdinand III and Leopold I, G. P. Spannagel on Joseph I and Karl VI), secondly, the Estates, with authors such as G. A. v. Hoheneck, J. W. Valvasor, F. A. v. Brandis, and V. Preuenhuber. The third and most important source were writers from religious institutions, mostly monasteries, especially A. Schramb, P. Hueber, J. and B. Pez at Melk, G. Bessel at Goettweig, R. Duellius at St. Poelten, C. Hanthaler at Lilienfeld, and M. Herrgott in Vorder-Oesterreich (the westernmost possessions of the Austrian Habsburgs); the latters´ work is still an important source for contemporary scholarship.


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