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Barylli, Gabriel#

b. Vienna, May 31, 1957, actor, playwright; son of W. Barylli. While still studying at the Reinhardt Seminar drama school, B. was engaged by the Vienna Burgtheater, where he performed roles in plays by F. Wedekind, A. Schnitzler and W. Shakespeare; later went to Hamburg to work with B. Gobert; discovered as a film actor by W. Glueck, who gave him the title role in "Der Schueler Gerber" ("The Pupil Gerber") after a novel by F. Torberg; successful playwright and novelist.


Abendrot, 1985; Butterbrot, 1986; What a wonderful world, 1991; Honigmond, 1992; Abendwind, 1993; Nachmittag am Meer, 1997; Denn sie wissen, was sie tun, 1998; Wer liebt, dem wachsen Fluegel, 1999.


S. Kiesling, Das Theater des G. B., master's thesis, Vienna 1995.