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Bauernfeld, Eduard von Pseudonym Rusticocampus, Feld#

b. Vienna, Jan. 13, 1802, d. Vienna, Aug. 9, 1890, comedy writer, his mastery of witty plays set among the upper middle classes and bearing all the typical Viennese hallmarks was unchallenged, resident writer of the Vienna Burgtheater (approx. 1,100 performances until 1902), a close associate of F. Grillparzer, N. Lenau, F. Schubert and M. von Schwind. Representing the liberal middle classes in favour of Austria´s unification with Germany he denounced the state of affairs which were to lead to the 1848 revolution in his comedy "Of Age" ("Grossjaehrig", 1846). 1872 awarded the freedom of the City of Vienna, 1883 honorary doctor of the University of Vienna.


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