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Baumann, Oskar#

b. Vienna, June 25, 1864, d. Vienna, Oct. 12, 1899, geographer and Africa explorer, 1885 Congo expedition; 1886 Fernando Poo (present-day Bioko); 1888 Usambara (with H. Mayer, mapped by 1890); 1892-1893 explored the region south of Lake Victoria, discovered the source of the River Kagera and thereby the long-sought source of the Nile; 1896 Austrian Consul in Zanzibar. His extensive collections are preserved in the Museum of Ethnology and the Natural History Museum in Vienna.


Afrikan. Skizzen, 1890; Usambara und seine Nachbargebiete, 1891; Durch Massailand zur Nilquelle, 1894; Der Sansibar-Archipel, 1896-1899.