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Beer, Adolf#

b. Prostějov, Czech Republic (then Prossnitz), Feb. 27, 1831, d. Vienna, May 7, 1902, historian, liberal politician. 1868 professor at the University of Technology in Vienna. 1868 he proposed to the Council of Education that the Realschulen offering basic secondary education and vocational training be transformed into schools with more academic orientation. As a ministerial civil servant he drafted the Imperial Education Law (Reichsvolksschulgesetz). 1873-1897 member of the Reichsrat. As a historian he focused mainly on the era of Maria Theresia and Joseph II.


Allg. Geschichte des Welthandels, vols. I-III/2, 1860-1884; Die Fortschritte des Unterrichtswesens in den Culturstaaten Europas, 1867/1868 (with F. Hochegger).


F. Stransky, A. B. als Politiker und Historiker, doctoral thesis, Vienna 1948; OeBL.