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Beer, Johann, geb. 1655, Dichter und Musiker#

b. St. Georgen (Upper Austria), Feb. 28, 1655, d. Weissenfels (Germany), Aug. 6, 1700, poet and musician at the transition from the Baroque to the Enlightenment. 1677 moved to Leipzig to study theology; from 1680 musician and librarian at the Court of the Archduke of Saxony in Weissenfels; besides compositions and musicological treatises he was an author of heroic epics and picaresque novels in the style of Grimmelshausen. His extensive literary work was published under various pseudonyms, only in 1931/32 were his works collected and published under his real name.


Der Simplicianische Welt-Kucker, 4 vols., 1677-1679; Die vollkommene Comische Geschicht Des Corylo, 2 vols., 1679/80; Jucundus Jucundissimus, 1680; Zendorii à Zendoriis Teutsche Winternaechte, 1682; Musikal. Discurse, 1719.


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