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Behrens, Peter#

b. Hamburg (Germany), April 14, 1868, d. erlin (Germany), Feb. 27, 1940, German architect. Pioneered modernism in the construction of industrial facilities, in Austria highly thought of as professor at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts (1922-1937), counting many important representatives of the second generation of Vienna Modernism among his pupils (e.g. O. Niedermoser and E. A. Plischke.


AEG Factory, Berlin 1910; Office building of the Hoechst AG, Frankfurt, 1920-1925; Winarsky-Hof (with J. Frank, J. Hoffmann, O. Strnad, O. Wlach), Vienna, 1924; Franz-Domes-Hof, Vienna, 1928; Tobacco factory, Linz, 1929-1935 (with A. Popp).


K. M. Grimme, P. B. und seine Wr. akad. Meisterschule, 1930; T. Buddensieg et al., P. B. und die AEG 1907-1914, 1979.