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Bergheim, province of Salzburg, municipality in the district of Salzburg-Umgebung, 441m, 4623 inhabitants (1981: 3326 inhabitants), 15.19 km2, industrial and trading centre north of the city of Salzburg on the slope of the Plainberg. - Seat of the regional chamber of agriculture, Maria Sorg mission house, old people's home St. Georgsheim; mainly wholesale trade (approx. 72 % of all employed persons worked in the service sector in 1991) with textiles (fashion, working clothes), tableware, sanitary articles, hard and software; large transporting firms, mail order firm; asphalt, gravel and concrete finishing (recycling of building materials), galvanising shop, production of safety systems (e.g. safety belts) for the car industry; some tourism (37,093 overnight stays) - Deanery church (first mentioned in a document around 927, rebuilt in 1695 by W. Hagenauer), pilgrimage church of Maria Plain.