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Bergisel, Mountain, Tyrol, 746 m, situated in the Wilten district of Innsbruck, traversed by the Brenner railway and tunnels. On the mountain is the ski-jump built for the Olympic games in 1964 and 1976. - In 1809, 4 battles were fought on the mountain by the Tyrolean peasants under A. Hofer against the French and Bavarian armies (Tyrolean victories on May 25, May 29 and August 13, Tyrolean defeat on November 1), in 1817 shooting range of the Tyrolean Kaiserjaeger regiment, a rifle association house was built there in 1845 and turned into a Kaiserjaeger museum in 1880, Andreas Hofer gallery with works by F. Defregger and A. Egger-Lienz. In 1959, a chapel was built with commemorative registers for the Tyrolean soldiers who died in World War I and World War II. The A.-Hofer monument was built by H. Natter in 1892.