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Berglandmilch reg. Gen. m. b. H.#

Berglandmilch reg. Gen. m. b. H., Austria's largest dairy company, headquarters at Linz. Founded in 1995 by a merger of 6 agricultural cooperatives: Schaerdinger Landmolkerei, Linzer Molkerei, Milchunion Alpenvorland, Baeuerliche Milchunion, Molkerei im Mostviertel, Milchverarbeitung Desserta; the object of the merger was to adapt to new developments in Austrian dairy production ( Dairy Farming) in the wake of Austria's accession to the European Union. A Bavarian dairy, Rottaler Milchwerk, has been a member of the group since 1999. The company's history goes back to the foundation in 1900 of the Schaerdinger Teebutter-Zentrale. Its staff is approximately 1000 strong, with sales in the oder of ATS 7.9 billion in 1999.