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Biber, Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Bibern#

b. Sedmihorki, Czech Republic (then Wartenberg), baptised Aug. 12, 1644, d. Salzburg, May 3, 1704, composer and most well-known violin virtuoso of his time; 1668-1670 entered service of Prince-Archbishop Karl, who maintained an excellent orchestra at his castle in Kremsier (Moravia), from 1670/71 member of the Prince-Archbishop´s Court Orchestra in Salzburg, of which he was appointed deputy conductor in 1679 and conductor in 1684. His fame was built mainly on his violin sonatas, several of which were published. His huge works for the church, which reveal his mastery of counterpoint ("Missa Sancti Henrici" and the 53-part "Missa salisburgensis") are particularly worth mentioning.


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