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Biener Bienner, Wilhelm#

b. Laupheim (Oberpfalz, Germany), before 1590, d. Rattenberg (Tyrol), July 17, 1651 (beheaded), legal scholar. From 1620 in the service of

Karl von Burgau, 1625-1630 in the service of the Elector of Bavaria, then appointed to the Imperial Council by Emperor Ferdinand II and appointed counsellor to Archduke Leopold V of Tyrol. 1638-1650 Court Chancellor to Archduchess Claudia (d. 1648) and Archduke Ferdinand Karl with responsibility for the Austrian possessions west of Vorarlberg; B. strengthened the position of the local ruler despite opposition from the Estates, was deposed in 1650 and sentenced to death for high treason and misappropriation of funds. The reprieve arrived too late.